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Bali Island is well known as an island of the god, Thousand of Temple or Paradise Island and a lot of name given by people in the world who have ever been in Bali. Bali lives up to its reputation as the quintessential tropical paradise, while some areas in Bali have suffered from over commercialism in recent years, there are still places to visit in Bali that appear untouched by time.

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Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali culture is dominated by a unique form of Hinduism thats evident in every aspect of Balinese life, from the temples that ornament every corner of the island to the daily offerings found in every home. Whether exploring the distinctive culture of the Balinese people, scuba diving in coral reefs, climbing an ancient volcano or sunbathing on a broad stretch of beach. Bali has a bit of paradise to offer every visitor and the entrance ticket price on every places is between : IDR 10,000 until IDR 60,000 per person.

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